How to Order/Cookie Information


How to Order.....

Call Me Crazy Cookie Lady cookies are handmade sugar cookies custom decorated with royal icing for every holiday, occasion, and theme. 

Please look through the Cookie Galleries to get ideas on possible designs.  I can make custom cookies to match your theme, colors, invitations, decor, anything!  If you don't see what you'd like, just ask!

Please be sure to order your cookies early.  My calendar fills up quickly.  I can only accept a set number of orders per week.  The earlier we get started on finalizing the details, the greater your chance of scoring an opening.  Your order is not "placed" until payment is received.

Two weeks lead time is usually the very minimum to place an order.  Please check my Contact Page for current lead time.

Each cookie order is made over a two to three day period - one day for mixing, cutting, baking.  One day for decorating.  The third day for additional details (if needed) and dry time (at least 8 hours).  I bake as close to your needed date as possible.  Once your cookies are bagged up, they'll stay beautifully fresh for up to two weeks.  I'll have them to you within just a few days of baking. 

Local Pick UP
Cookies are available for local pick up, by appointment (usuallyFriday mornings) at Call Me Crazy Cookie Lady's Bake Shop in McCandless, PA

Individually bagged and sealed cookies may be shipped anywhere within the continental US.  Only sturdy shaped cookies are available for shipping. 

Ready to get started?  Please have a look around the website, then fill out the "Contact Me" form with as much detail as possible - date needed, celebration/event, design ideas, quantity, color scheme, platter or individually bagged favors, etc.  We'll discuss the details and you'll receive a price quote if I'm available to take your order. 

Your order is not placed until payment is received. 

Deposits and Payments are non-refundable.

Orders are final.

Allergy Warning:
With every order, you will receive a card with allergy / ingredient information.  I hope that you will place the card along with the cookies so that your guests with allergy concerns will be well informed.

My cookies contain flour, milk (butter), and egg.  Though my basic sugar cookies do not contain nuts, they are baked in a kitchen that does use nuts as an ingredient.  Some of my ingredients are prepared and packaged using machines that may come into contact with Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy or Dairy Products, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Soy.

Storing Decorated Cookies:
Sugar cookies have along shelf life.  They stay fresh for up to two weeks when kept in favor bags or an air-tight container at room temperature.  Keep them out of direct sunlight.  The sun can fade the colors.

Occasionally, people like to freeze individually bagged cookies to give as gifts.  Icing can sometimes (not always) take on a slight blotchy appearance (especially darker colors). 

If you do decide to freeze: Place individually bagged cookies into a freezer zip bag, then into a plastic air-tight container. Place the container into the freezer.
Defrosting: Remove container from Freezer. Leave it untouched until cookies are room temperature.  Do not expose cookies to air while they are cold.  Condensation will appear on cold cookies that are not wrapped, ruining the icing.