Q: What makes these cookies so darn special?

A: Each cookie is baked with love using fresh ingredients, and our cookies taste as good as they look (or so we're told!). Each is hand-decorated with great care, and each layer of icing dries before the next is applied. It's a time-sensitive process and a labor of love that results in amazing cookies! We take our time and pay attention to the details to make each cookie look AND taste great for you!

Q: Are you able to create a custom cookie order?   

A: We would love to create a custom cookie order just for you! We ask that you give us at least 3-weeks notice for custom orders, but you can jump on our baking schedule months in advance - the more notice, the better! We will do our best to create a cookie that is perfect for your wedding, birthday, shower, or other special occasion. Payment is due at the time the order date is reserved in order to add your order to the baking schedule.

Q: How many cookies come in a cookie gift box?

A: The number of cookies in each GIFT box varies. Each gift box is photographed to show the actual contents, and we also include a detailed product description.

Q: What are the ingredients of the cookies?

A: Our cookies are baked with: love, unbleached flour, salted sweet cream butter, sugar, eggs, meringue powder, artificial food coloring, and vanilla. Our icing includes: powdered sugar, meringue powder, vanilla, and water. A list of ingredients will be provided with each order. Even if a cookie doesn't have peanuts, it is produced in a kitchen with peanuts. Allergens: nut, wheat, egg, soy, and dairy.

Q: What is the minimum order on custom and cookie favor orders?

A: Our minimum order amount is $40 and at least 1 dozen (12 cookies). We ask that you limit designs to 1 design per dozen ordered.

Q: When should I plan to order?

A: We are happy to take small and big orders, but everything we make is baked to order! Because our baking schedule varies and fills up a few weeks in advance, we request that custom orders are submitted at least 3 weeks or more in advance of the date you will need your cookies. Feel free to contact us with any special requests or advance orders!

Q: Help! I'm a procrastinator and I totally need cookies for my event in a couple of days! Will you take the order?

A: While we do ask for at least 3-weeks notice on all orders, we are always happy to try to help in a cookie emergency! Call us right away (412-478-0738 ), and we'll do what we can to add you to the baking schedule. We don't like to say "no" to anyone unless it's physically impossible to get the order completed in time!

Q: How much is a cookie?

A: Cookie prices vary and are based on the size and design of the cookie, but cookie prices average $3-$6. While many of our cookies can be personalized at no charge, significant changes to a cookie design or colors may result in a slight price increase.

Q: How do I place an order?

A. If you're looking for a holiday/seasonal order, we recommend checking out our store for available items that you can purchase directly on our website. For custom orders, please contact Jamie Wadowsky at 412-478-0738 or Jamie@Callmecrazycookielady.net, or head over to the contact page and submit a form. Please make sure to include the following details when inquiring: name, address, email address, phone number, desired items and quantities, and if an invoice should be provided. Please do not include any payment information in your email or message! Once your order is confirmed, we will work out payment details. 

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: Payment is accepted via PayPal as well as cash or check. Checks can be made out to Jamie Wadowsky. If you require an invoice, please note so in your order details. Payment is due at the time of ordering in order to be added to our baking schedule!

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: We don't currently offer any discounts, but we will work with you to get within your budget! If you are local to the Pittsburgh area and would like to pick up your order, you can avoid paying shipping charges by using the promo "local."

Q: When will my cookies arrive?

A: We ship using the United States Postal Service's Priority Mail, which usually takes 2-3 business days depending on your where you're located. Our bakery is located in western Pennsylvania, so local orders may arrive a smidge sooner. We love our postal workers and regularly bring them cookies! 

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Items ordered in the store are PICK UP ONLY. To have your order shipped, please contact us

Q: How do you ship your cookies without them breaking?

A: All cookies are individually-wrapped, nestled into a bed of crinkle paper and bubble wrap, and placed into a bakery box. Then, the bakery box is cushioned with packaging materials in a shipping box. We put as much effort into the packaging of the cookies as we do the baking! A cookie may very occasionally break or crack (but luckily, it will still taste great!). We do not refund orders unless 50% or more of the order is destroyed and broken. We are nice people, so if you have any problems with the cookies you receive from us, please contact us right away and we'll do our best to make things right!  

Q: Can you guarantee an exact arrival date?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact arrival date. However, using the guidelines above, we can help you estimate a target arrival date. If you would like Overnight/Express/Guaranteed shipping, please contact us for a quote.